Alexei gets visuals sorted

Alexei is a cross-media creative taking briefs from idea to production. His main areas of expertise are digital creative, design and asset production, design of objects and environments and rapid 3D visualization of concepts, high-end static and moving imagery and typography.

And that's how he does it

Print creative and production

He will take brief and come up with creative concepts for material, visual style and typography; artwork it all to high standard using industry-approved practices, send th ewhole lot to production and make sure the printer's output is good quality.

Digital creative and assets

He will come up with look and feel of website or application, build mockups and generate quality graphic assets for web or app developers. He will oversee the front-end side of development, maintain asset library and work with code created by developers.

Front-end web coding

He will recreate static visual or prototype of a website into an accessible adaptive web layout using modern technologies, set up and maintain a Linux-based webserver and work with other developers to integrate pages into a functioning website.

Objects and environments

He will create quality 3D visuals for products and environments, from scratch or from existing solid or poly models. He will provide your campaign with designs for standard and bespoke display units, popup shops and exhibition stands and rapidly visualize it all in  3D.

Animation and moving imagery

He will come up with creative idea, soryboard and provide art direction and graphic treatment of an animated product video or service presentation, animate it in 2D and 3D, cut it and output media for web or broadcast.

Campaign creative thinking

He has been both ATL and digital art director and designer and apply the above expertise to all projects from branding and identity to marketing campaigns, making sure everything is consistent in all graphic formats; on screen, in print, outdoor and in-store.

Technology stack

Print |

Id, Ai, Ps

Digital Creative |

Sketch, AI, Ps

Code |


3D |

Modo, MOI, Keyshot, Blender

Video |

Ae, Pr

Creative |

Brain, pencil

Agency highlights

Geometry Global

Senior Designer


Senior Designer


Digital Art Director


Digital Art Director


Art Director


Art Director