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Below is a small selection of identity and branding projects for various clients. From massive to small, from finances to IT, from all over the World. If you're after samples from a particular sector, please ask.


First Growth Wine Fund

Although investing in fine wine seems a relatively new phenomenon, savvy collectors and fine wine enthusiasts have been doing so for many years. The future sale of their excess cases – once matured – would fund new purchases. FGWF was set up to help investors acquire and manage their fine wine assets.


Tabori Transfer

Tabori helps people provide for their loved ones almost anywhere in the world. Whether it's for education, healthcare or groceries, they offer C2C and B2C money transfer services to get resources to where one needs it quickly.


Calico Asset Management

Calico Asset Management is a an asset manager for institutions, individuals and financial intermediaries, worldwide. Their investment professionals are providing strategies for the full spectrum of asset classes


Ontrac Global

Ontrac Global offers an extensive range of IT services targeted to suit the needs of medium sized business users. The company consists of two main branches, responsible for IT consulting and implementation and for ongoing IT management, which is reflected in its identity.


Russian Embassy in London

In 1924 the embassy of the USSR was originally located in the building of the former Imperial embassy - Chesham House. In 1930 a South African businessman and "wool millionaire" Sir Lewis Richardson agreed to hand over the private residence, 13 Kensington Palace Gardens, to the Crown for the Soviet embassy.


Nord Computers

Nord Computers offer a complete range of computer hardware supply services and maintenance. Computers hardware viewed by them as clockwork that keeps the businesses running.



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